Up Country House

Sited among majestic trees and mature gardens, this Up Country House
represents a complete exterior and interior restoration and enhancement.

Harbor House

The Harbor House was built as an 1800s onion barn. After peeling away
a 1950s renovation, the home that emerged through new renovation commands an amazing harbor view.

Farm House

This farm house blossoms with an addition of new space
and country elegance.

Waterfront House

New construction with timeless materials and forms makes this Waterfront house a space for elegant yet relaxed living.

Alexandria House

This new house in Alexandria, Virginia, maintains a scale that relates to neighboring cottages while opening up to winter views of a river through the backyard trees.


With a hint of its Caribbean-influenced design, this New England house is well grounded, nestling into the lush landscaping, while offering stunning views.

New Porch

A facelift that created extra space and enhanced the character of the house.

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